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 Windows 7 Paint for xp

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Kayıt tarihi : 30/01/10

MesajKonu: Windows 7 Paint for xp   Salı Mayıs 25, 2010 10:07 am

Aviassin PaintRibbon
is a drawing and picture editing
application for Windows which imitates the Windows 7 Paint interface,
utilizing the ribbon first seen in Office 2007.

PaintRibbon 0.1 offers basic drawing capabilities

  • Line, Circle, Square and Star shapes
  • Different line widths
  • A variety of fill and stroke colour
  • The ability to move drawn shapes
PaintRibbon can only open and save .pic (pict) image files, however
additional file types will be supported in later releases of
PaintRibbon. All buttons present in the ribbon in Windows 7 Paint are
displayed in PaintRibbon so as to replicate the interface, however only a
limited number of buttons are functional in version 0.1.

Known Bugs In Version 0.1:

  • Buttons
    do not uncheck themselves, user must uncheck previous button before
    using next tool.
  • Freehand drawing is extremely rudimentary,
    will not save and will disappear if regular shapes are drawn after
    freehand line.
  • Obscure errors when attempting to open files
    other than .pic

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Windows 7 Paint for xp
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